A Game of Thrones – George R. R. Martin

Rating: 4 stars
Shelf: Now Reading

I got sucked in – quickly. The fellow gave me this book and has been begging, literally, for me to read it. I’d pick it up and put it down. ‘I can tell it’s going to be one of those books with too many characters!’ or, ‘I’m just not that into fantasy!’ You know, then he probably made a sad face, so I actually dropped the tough lady literature snob act and started reading the book. And wow. (And how.)

Multitude of characters, indeed, each with their own chapters that give a unique point of view to the rapidly escalating story. When you play the game of thrones, that evil witch of a queen tells us, you win or you die. Or you win and you still die. CRAZY! And it’s not all knights and valour either, it’s – awesome. That’s all. George R.R. Martin writes an awesome story that grips the reader from beginning to end. I can’t wait to start the second book.

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3 Responses to A Game of Thrones – George R. R. Martin

  1. Steven says:

    Just wait till you hit the third book: A Storm of Swords. It gets better. Martin is amazing with his characters and plot lines. It's very complex, and I'm surprised he doesn't trip himself up, but amazingly, he manages to keep everything straight. Nearly every detail he puts in his stories is important to the overall plot. When I first started reading the series, I thought it would be difficult to keep all the characters straight in my head, but it's really not. And if you run into trouble, you can always flip to the ends of the book to refresh your memory on the family trees. Happy reading! I'll be interested to know how you like the 2nd book. Who's your favorite character so far? Steven Tillhttp://steventill.com

  2. HH says:

    There are so many characters that I really like, it's hard to choose a favorite! I'd have to say Arya and Tyrion both come up first, but I also really like Dany. For future books, I really hope Cersei gets a POV. She's pretty evil, but I'd like to get to know how she thinks. I think she's a pretty strong character – one I'd love to hate more of. For those I could do without – I hated Visrys (spelling atrocious) so bad I rejoiced when he was crowned. And Joffrey makes me ill. I also didn't like Sansa at all during this book, but by the end it's obvious her Stark side is going to prove itself victorious. I kind of hope she does marry Joff and is able to do good against his evil.

  3. Steven says:

    I like Tyrion too. Jon Stark also seems to be a fan-favorite. Cersei does get a POV in A Feast for Crows (4th book). I won't spoil anything by telling you what I think of her after reading her POV. Also, I grew to like Jaime more in the 3rd and 4th books. I grew to like Sansa over time. She annoyed me a lot in the beginning, but there was a point I really started to feel for her, and she shows flashes of strength. There is a particular scene — I think it's the end of the 3rd book — where she kind of turned it around for me.

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