I Hate Counting Words

Goal – 5000 words per chapter

Chapter 1 (The House) – 3488
Chapter 2 (The Lot) – 1467

Chapter 2 still has much more to go, but I don’t know how else to expand Chapter 1. I wish I could figure out how to hook up my printer so I could actually make notes. But, yeah. No idea how to do that with this computer.

Anyway, that’s my update. It isn’t much. I lost the drive and so I just keep going over Chapter 1 and the bits of Chapter 2 that I’ve written to fix and expand. It’s boring work, but I guess the point is that I’m working. Blah. Blah. I love doing it and have a need for it, but gosh. Writing sucks sometimes.

Oh, I started keeping record of the characters as well. I’ll share the beginning of Charlie’s as he’s the least important of the main characters.

Charlie Walsh

  • Anabel Pace’s brother; Paul Pace’s best friend and brother-in-law
  • 3 years older than Anabel; 1 year younger than Paul
  • Extremely clumsy – has suffered many broken bones growing up from trying to keep up with Paul.
  • Pushed to the side by Anabel and Paul and resents it, but is still loving and loyal. He is the black sheep of the family. He is (very dorkily) inspired by Charlie Pace from LOST, and like him is struggling to find his own place.

I haven’t written a physical description of him yet, but as Anabel is blonde, I’m guessing Charlie will be as well.

Oh man – I’m watching Season 2 of the Tudors and Henry was just informed Anne had a baby girl. Shit son!

Back to writing.

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