Little Women – Louisa May Alcott

Remember when I promised myself that I would post all reviews here?

Rating: 5 stars
Shelf: Now Reading

Little Women was even better than I remembered it being.

The best review I can give it is to compare book to movie. I’ve long been in love with the movie, it’s one I watch many times throughout the year and several times in a row around Christmas time. My feelings on it are always the same – Beth is always a little too righteous, Amy incredibly annoying (how DARE she steal Laurie from Jo and then ask her sister after the wedding is already done if it’s okay?) and I always hope that when Laurie asks Jo to marry him, the outcome will somehow change and she’ll say yes (even though I love the Professor), and why does Laurie go off to Europe and become a creeper?

The book was so different. So much better. The characters were more realistic and each changed drastically throughout the course of the book, but in keeping true with the lessons they’ve been taught and in such a way that you feel you are growing with the characters. When Jo says no to Laurie, it’s obvious these two people have a relationship that is beyond marriage, that should never be ruined by marriage. And when Laurie and Amy fall in love it is something sweeter, something they are not both quick to realize, but when they do it is because they realize they need eachother and the reader knows just how happy they will be. (Also – Laurie doesn’t traipse around Europe hitting on hot French ladies. In fact – he forswears all women. Good boy! Not a creeper at all!)

I LOVED this book.

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