Interesting Tweets from Bologna Book Fair 2010: Tuesday, March 23 Edition

While I’m stuck at my desk in New York, busy fixing last minute problems (see: I booked one appointment for the CEO of my company and gave him the wrong booth number!) for my co-workers that got to go — (I get to go next year! I get to go next year!) — I’m watching the #BBF10 trending topics for this year’s fair:

ThruTheBooth: Sarah Johnson tells all about the SCBWI conference in Bologna #scbwi #bbf10

aecbks: RT @ginger_clark: Guess what else I’m seeing a lot of? Adult editors here to buy crossover fantasy. #bbf10

ginger_clark: Oh, hey: people want angel books, too. So angels: still hot. (did they ever stop being hot?) #bbf10

usbornemktg: – The Usborne stand at #BBF10. Yes, that really is a gargoyle. (Very cool stand, guys!)

tessagratton: *falls over* I just saw a pic of the Blood Magic cover poster at the @randomhousekids booth in Bologna! #bbf10 (I’ll have to watch out for that one!)

More tomorrow, guys? Where’s your twitter spirit?

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