Gather ’round, For I Have News

That guy who decided to try and make me feel this big can SUCK IT!

(I will never again experiment with that many font sizes)

I got promoted! La, la, la, LA!

Details to follow once my boss sends out the actual announcement.

I wonder what would happen if I actually went over there and told him to suck it…

Also – 50 BILLION points if you can guess where my post title comes from.

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3 Responses to Gather ’round, For I Have News

  1. Hooray, congratulations!! Getting promoted in publishing in this climate? You must be doing something right!…Sincerely, some sort of stalker.

  2. KLM says:

    I clicked on your avatar somewhere. Can't remember. Because I like walrusi. And it brought me to this enchanted realm of Nicholas Sparks-abuse. I love it.How does I follow your blog? I can't find a follower-thingamabobby. Oh, nevermind. I see you have an email update option. I will get me over there and click that link with gusto."Gather round, for I have news" comes from the movie "Cocktail." Obviously.

  3. HH says:

    Thanks for visiting and for wanting to follow me! I'm glad you are a fan of abusing Nicholas Sparks. You know – I'm always at a loss when it comes to following blogs on blogspot. Were you able to do it? If not – let me see if I can make it more prominent. Also – the quote isn't from Cocktail. =P.

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