How Something I Do For Work Almost Always Ends In Me Doing Something EmbarrASSing

I try really hard to be a joiner. It’s my role in our little three person group — I’m the one who joins things and makes friends. (So I can ask for favors later on, mwahahahaha! Winning friends and influencing people!) However, I’m an incredibly awkward person and when awkward people insist on just diving in, insane things usually happen.

Like every time we have a company party and I manage to either a) tell the CEO of my company to “Get away from me” during the Halloween party because I don’t realize it’s him under that Darth Vader mask and masks freak me out, or b) turn around and do some freaky dance moves on the CEO of my company during the vendor Holiday Party because I thought another co-worker was behind me or c) decide to steal the mic away from the CEO of my company at the company Spring Fling because he’s singing London Calling and I apparently LOVE the Clash.

I’ll also be playing softball for the company starting next week. I’VE NEVER PLAYED BEFORE IN MY LIFE. This should be good.


Our fabulous Buzz Marketer over here asked if I’d be part of a Video Shoot we were doing a few days ago. Apparently, I’m the only one who said YES enthusiastically. I mean. Come on. VIDEO SHOOT. I wore a lovely new purple shirt and I put on makeup. I never put on makeup. The gist of the video was to show who we are as a company. Don’t ask what we’re using this video for. I’m sure they told me. I’m a good joiner, but I’m not a good listener.

I got to look into the camera and say – “We R Family” and smile. I didn’t sing it. They asked me to sing it. I wasn’t singing it. I did have a strong urge to look at the wall behind me and the camera guy was like, “Please look at the camera.” So I looked at the camera and said it again, but then he was focused on my smiling face for too long and my eyes just wanted to open really wide so I opened them really wide.

They’ll probably cut me from the video.

Here’s a personal slice of me: The camera guy was SUPER cute. According to awesome Buzz Marketer, I have to GET IN LINE. But, he puts the mic pack in my pocket and tells me to snake the mic up my shirt so he can hook it to my collar. I realize that I’d unbuttoned my pants earlier because of a fat day and my shirt was one of those balloony ones that hid that. So I turn around to hide this fact from him but then when I turn to face him again I proceed to TELL HIM WHY I TURNED AROUND! Then I’m like, “And I now I’m telling you what I was trying to hide from you because I don’t know why.” Luckily, he just laughed at me and seemed amused by how ridiculous I am. I’m glad I looked pretty.

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