What I’m Reading Weekly Roundup

In Blogs

Hyperbole and a Half Interview I just found this blogger and I super love her stuff
Books to Read Before You are 16
Literary Baseball Now I’m stuck between Prynne and Kilgore Trout
Happy Mother’s Day! from Booklights
Do the Write Thing for Nashville
Judy Moody the Movie?

Catch up on Pretty Little YA Books!
I, along with some other very talented ladies, am blogging YA and Teen Reviews for the fabulous new blog, Pretty Little YA Books. Check us out! (We’re Pretty!)

The Launch
A Mention on Ypulse.com
Life on the Refrigerator Door Review
Incarceron Review

We’re also looking pretty good on Twitter and on Shelfari!

In Books

The Prince of Mist – Carlos Ruiz Zafon
Prophecy of the Sisters – Michelle Zink
A.H.W.O.S.G. – Dave Eggers
Eternity to Here – Sean Carroll

In the Pile
If you have any suggestions on what I should be reading next, please leave them in the comments!

Raven – Tim Reiterman
Purge – Sarah Darer Littman
The Eyes of the Dragon – Stephen King
Into the Land of the Unicorns – Bruce Coville
Lovely Bones– Alice Sebold

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