New Ideas

30 Days of Me – Completely not publishing related, but my friend has been doing it on her tumblr, and I want to do it too! I’ll try to keep it as closely related to my life in publishing as possible. For instance, Day 1 is a photograph of yourself and I have the perfect picture of me in my I’M AN UGLY t-shirt that I got from Scott Westerfeld’s Uglies promotion. This will probably happen in July/August because I’ll probably forget to do it every day.

Book Drops -I’ve seen these done before and I’d like to do one for my blog. I get a ton of books for free through my job. I live in a studio apartment, so I have nowhere to store half of these books when I’m finished reading them. Hence the book drop. I’ll try to drop one book a week somewhere in either Long Island or New York City (and elsewhere if I travel). The books will have a small sticker on the front that shouts, “READ ME!” and a larger sticker on the inside front cover leading the finder back to my blog and encouraging them to find the post with their book. I’ll be creating posts that just say BOOK DROP – Title + roundabouts where to find them. Then the sticker will also encourage the finder to leave a comment describing where they found the book, if they enjoyed it and also if they decided to re-drop the book and where (about).

Wish List – I’ve been so busy lately my reading has slowed down considerably. But that doesn’t stop me from constantly adding books to my Shelfari Wish List. Once a week I’ll do a rundown of new (and old) titles that I’d like to get on my TBR pile. Let me know if you’ve read them and if they are worth my acquiring them!

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