The Boy Who Could Fly – James Norcliffe

Rating: 4 stars
Shelf: Now Reading

The Boy Who Could Fly was, at times, a bit confused. As if Norcliffe, an award winning poet, had a hard time distancing himself from the beauty of verse. Not sure if that even makes sense. Still, the story was so completely original and wholly unpredictable, I thought it deserved more than just an “I Liked It” rating.

The Boy Who Could Fly tells the story of the loblolly boy – a boy who is invisible to most of the world around him, has giant green wings and has the ability to trade his existence for another. But as Captain Bass, the mentor to the loblolly boy, says, “Folks often forget that when they are desperate to escape from something, they have to escape into something else.”

I finished this quickly and eagerly. I had no idea of the sorts of twists and turns the story would take and I was glad of that.

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