What do you do when you HATE a book?

Do you stop reading? Or do you torture yourself and finish?

I tend to finish. Because, I feel like, if I don’t, I can’t say I’ve read it. And then all that torture was for nothing.

I’m in the middle of A Lion Among Men right now… and. It’s just awful. Awful. Sad too because, I loved Wicked and Son of a Witch. This third book seems to solely exist to fill whatever gaps the first one had and also to introduce the subject of FGM. So basically, it didn’t need to exist at all. I want to stop reading it so bad, but then – where would I be?

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One Response to What do you do when you HATE a book?

  1. d.g. says:

    I used to feel that same need to finish the book. Like seeing a dying relationship to its final crumble. But then I decided that life's too short to read terrible books when there are so many great ones out there. To the library/donation bin it goes!

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