Big BIG News!

I’ve got a new job! And I’m moving!

My new title is Associate Acquisitions Editor.
My new town is – well. It’s in the Albany, NY area. Not sure yet EXACTLY where I’ll be living, so we’ll just say the Capitol Region.

I’ll be working for an educational publisher, doing some traveling, and really just – making a difference with the books I publish. I’m very, VERY excited about this opportunity, even though I am a little sad to be leaving children’s books behind.

I’m still going to try and keep up on my YA though. So – the blog won’t change any, but this at least explains my absences? My hiatus and then, my comeback that was really wasn’t a comeback at all because I haven’t been posting as regularly as I wanted to?

Anyway – my last day at Sterling is the 25th. I’ll have a lot going on – packing my life and such. But I should be back to regular posting soon enough, once my life is at least a little bit settled.

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4 Responses to Big BIG News!

  1. Ashley says:

    Congratulations again, Nicole! Awesome news! (Though we'll miss you here.)

  2. Congrats! Who will you be working for?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I vividly recall reading you bedtime stories; you drew in each word, consuming the pages, captivated by each and every book as if you were part of it. Now, as you follow your dreams much as you did with each story, we will keep that little girl close to our hearts, and smile for you as you turn each page of your life and acquire what was always yours, a true love for life and the magic of books. Love always – Mom & Dad.

  4. Nicole says:

    That was a really nice surprise.

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