Apologies, Updates & Travel Plans

Heeeyyyy, you guys! Looks like I took another hiatus! I’ve just been so busy adjusting to the new life up here in Albany – being with the boy day in and out and conquring my new job. Since all my things are still in storage, I haven’t really found the time or inclination to read much – hence the shortage of reviews.

Anyway, here’s what I’ve been up to:

The Job: It’s really great so far, though a lot to learn. Running my disciplines is like running my own small business – I have to pay attention to sales and patterns and how to constantly improve on what I already have. I’ve been focusing a lot on market research and on reading through my work library. My boss also suggested I make it one of my goals to call a few instructors a day and just speak with them about their programs. And so I have – calling around to get to know not only my authors, but possible future authors and/or adopters.

The Boy: Well – we haven’t killed eachother! And we’ve both been living with his parents for the past month, so that I could get adjusted to my job (and to my paychecks!) before finding an apartment. Actually, it’s been better than just not killing eachother. It’s been pretty perfect and awesome. So… we’re moving in together, despite how fast and crazy it is. I’ve never lived with a boy before. I’m pretty excited and also pretty nervous. I lived by myself for three years on Long Island. I’ve grown accustomed to myself.

Reading: I’ve just been re-reading the Song of Ice and Fire series because of the show (WHICH IS AWESOME!!!) and because the next book comes out in July. It’s been good to re-read it – it’s good enough to fly through and I can just get lost in it. The boy finished Game of Thrones just in time for the series – and he loved it!

Freelancing: Still reading and reviewing manuscripts for a YA publisher. I’m glad I’ve kept this going. I love doing it and it helps me keep in touch with that part of the publishing world. I do really like what I’m doing now, but I would have been super sad if I’d had to disappear from the children’s/YA world completely. AND I’ve been editing a manuscript – something that was tossed my way by a friend of a friend. It’s YA sci-fi fantasy and has been really fun to work on.

Travel: I get to do a bit of traveling for work. In two weeks I travel to Pennsylvania and then possibly Anaheim at the end of the month. In June, I’ll be in Kansas City, MO and in July, I’ll be in Pheonix, AZ. I’d also like to go to North Dakota to visit their aviation program in the fall. Very excited to travel!

So, all of this is keeping me uber busy. Even in spite of the fact that I get home about 3 hours earlier than I used to when I worked in New York City and had to take the train. I’ve been using my extra time semi-productively!

We move in on Saturday and so I’m hoping for something resembling normalcy, regarding getting back to posting and reading on a regular basis.

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One Response to Apologies, Updates & Travel Plans

  1. Ashley says:

    So glad to hear all is going so well, Nicole! Exciting!! Good luck with the move-in!

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