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A Game of Thrones Series in Review

I’m a little late to this party, mainly because I’ve been doing so much non-blogging lately. But since I anticipated this show for two years and posted many photos of my boyfriend Tyrion Lannister/Peter Dinklage, I think it would be … Continue reading

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My Friends are SO COOL

I’ve mentioned, probably a million times before, that Marian Schembari is one of my favorite bloggers. So, while I was busy watching this video on my good friend’s success and know-how in the comic book world – I was surprised … Continue reading

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First, An Award

I don’t usually do these blog awards, but I was awarded one today by one of my favorite people and favorite blogs – Little Mrs. Stranded over at Stranded in Cleveland. If you’ve never visited her ever-more-popular blog, you seriously … Continue reading

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Packing & Unpacking

Hey guys, remember me? I used to blog here? I mean, I still do. And I’m hoping the posting will become more frequent as I settle in to the job, the apartment, the life. All I’ve been reading – or … Continue reading

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