Packing & Unpacking

Hey guys, remember me? I used to blog here?

I mean, I still do. And I’m hoping the posting will become more frequent as I settle in to the job, the apartment, the life. All I’ve been reading – or re-reading – is the Song of Ice and Fire series in preparation for Dances with Dragons due out next month! NEXT MONTH!!! And I’ve been reading it verrrrrrrrrrrry slowlllyyyyyyyyy….

Part of the reason for the career change was the fact that my new position allows for a decent amount of travel. That excites me – I’ve always wanted to travel. But – so far – I feel like all I’ve done is travel. Not that I’m really complaining. But since we moved into the apartment, I feel as though all I’ve really done there is pack (my new & fabulous pink Vera Bradley duffel!) and unpack.

In May/early June:

On top of having to go to Long Island two or three times and up to Canton once, I went to:

Pennsylvania: To visit two of my authors and some machining and welding programs in the area. It was my first trip by myself, but luckily the area sales rep offered to pick me up from the airport and show me around. It was also my first business dinner and I was nervous as all hell. But the rep said I did a good job and that it seemed like my authors really took to me. I hope so. I’m seeing one of them again soon … tomorrow in fact!

Anaheim, CA: For the WINDPOWER conference. Again, I met up with two of my authors (different authors than the first time). This time I was completely on my own, but I had a great time. And I learned that connections can be made ANYWHERE around a conference. So, some simple rules I intend to follow when in a conference city from now on:

1) Always look professional and presentable. Not necessarily in a suit, but shouldn’t look like a piece of junk.
2) Always behave as though the president of your company is in the room. So… professionally?
3) Always strike up a conversation. Ask – What do you do? & Are you here for the conference?

I made two really great connections this trip and BOTH were outside the conference hall. One was in the hotel bar (yes, but – they wouldn’t let me check into my room and I had to go SOMEWHERE! I did work and ate food. For real.) The second was on the plane on the way home. That one became a reviewer for us and invited me climb a wind turbine in Oklahoma next spring. I’m SO going.

LA: This one was self-inflicted. But the boy’s movie premiered in LA and I realized – I had to be there. Even if it meant flying to California twice in the matter of days.

Up next:

Kansas City, MO: For the Skills USA conference. I leave early tomorrow morning.

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