My Own Field Trip to Borders

Wasn’t really even that great. I’m surprised, this late in the game, that the books are still so expensive. I was hoping for some real steals. Not so. 30% off is good, but not great.

For $20 bucks I ended up with two paperback novels:

World War Z

Pretty Little Liars

I feel like I should have been able to buy at least four paperbacks for that price, what with the situation. Don’t you?

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3 Responses to My Own Field Trip to Borders

  1. Anonymous says:

    How come no one comments on your blog? Does anyone read it? I hope so.

  2. Nicole says:

    That's a good question (I wish I knew who you were?) – I don't know. I monitor my traffic and it's pretty good. Don't know how to get more people to comment.

  3. Hi Nicole, Following up from Blog Jog Day. Hope you had a good number of hits. I believe Borders dug their own grave from the comments I keep reading and from my own experience. I visited their store in the Arbor Place mall in Georgia to enquire about doing a book signing. The woman said the manager was in his office. She called him on the phone, told him what I wanted. He never came out, just gave her an email address for me to contact Borders head office. I never got a reply.

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