Somewhere Off the Coast of Maine – Ann Hood

Rating: 3 stars

Shelf: Reading Now

Beautifully written, even if it did leave me feeling a little disappointed, a little left out on a limb. I was so taken in, entranced by Claudia, Elizabeth, Suzanne and their families, following their hopes, dreams and tribulations from the 60’s all the way through to the mid 80’s. But then the book just seemed to end. And I suppose each of their stories was brought to a point of closure – Claudia leaves, Henry gets his girl, Rebekah realizes that her life is good, Elizabeth goes into remission, and Sparrow comes to understand all that her mother, Suzanne, has fought for. But I still wanted MORE. I was brought to what only felt like the middle of the story and then the characters just left me. Abandoned me.

I wanted more.

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