How To Really Lose Weight Without Dieting – Week Three

Weight: 153
Down: stayed the same
Waist Size: 32 3/14
Difference: 1 1/4 inch

How have I done with each of the goals?

1) Portion Control: I’ve stuck true to cutting down my original serving to my Weeks 1-2 goal. Doing this has helped me pay more attention to my body’s hunger signs. There’s been times when I’ve realized I’m full BEFORE even finishing my new portion! That spells success to me. And the one day this week (Fantasy Football Draft Day) that I went overboard because we had a bit of a chili and beer party – I felt so gross after overdoing it (mind you – the NEW overdoing it, not the old, during which I probably would have scoffed down A LOT more) that I became more mindful of what I was eating for the remainder of the week. However, I’ve not yet eaten outside of the way I’d normally eat. I’m making/ingesting the same foods, perhaps bulking them up with veggies a bit – just controlling the portion size. At no point during this program did I ever feel like I was depriving myself of anything I wanted. Even icecream. You know, instead of eating the entire pint in one go, I made it last over 4-5 servings.

2) Light Exercise: I’ve been every [sunny] day with my friend at work. It’s about a mile and it really gets our hearts pumping in the middle of the day. I’ve also been trying to get up off my butt more frequently, talking to people in person rather than calling or e-mailing. I also moved my car further out in the lot so that I have a longer walk in the mornings/afternoons.

3) Fruit: I’ve been trying to find ways to sneak it in and so far, so good – with fruit juices, pears eaten for breakfast, and dried fruits when I’m snacking. I would like to include smoothies, but they seem to be so calorie rich, no matter where you go to get them.

4) Water: I’ve always been a heavy water drinker, so no problem there. Chapter 4 involves methods for tricking your body into thinking it’s already slightly full before you begin your meal. I’ve been doing that by drinking a couple full glasses of water to give my stomach that heavy feeling. Chapter 4 has other really awesome suggestions as well.

So, now. What does Chapter 5 and the kick off to Week 3 entail?

Not sure, really. This chapter got a little vague. It’s really a pump it up chapter, don’t get down on yourself for indulging. Don’t decide to eat an entire package of cookies just because you slipped an had a couple. Indulging isn’t failing. That sort of thing.

I’m also supposed to start my new, new portion size. Except the book doesn’t go into detail on how exactly I find my new portion size. So I’m going to go ahead and make my own assumptions as to what it should be.


1) More water/tea.
2) Pump up the exercise a bit. I had started a pushup, curlup challenge a little while back that I sort of abandoned once a physical trainer gave me a routine to do to help my back pain. Guess what? I abandoned that too! So I think I’ll just get going on all of that again. Requires 3 days a week.
3) Small portion size
4) Keep up with more fruits and veggies

I don’t start Chapter 6 until Week 5, which is when the second part of the program begins. I honestly thought I’d have lost more weight by now, but I was really happy to see that my stomach changed an inch and a 1/4.

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5 Responses to How To Really Lose Weight Without Dieting – Week Three

  1. Anonymous says:

    Keep going! Your progress is inspiring!!

  2. Sounds like you're doing a great job–I'm proud of you!

  3. This one is truly looking just incredible. As I am really surprised to see the elegant way of weight losing. Without dieting, it's really great for me. Thanks for sharing some exceptional information about it.

  4. stacey says:

    Great job, your doing great. You are inspiring a lot of people with your blog. let me know if you want to motivate more people.

  5. This is really inspiring and I'm so sorry about being vague with the new portion control. I meant to make it clear, but probably slipped up there. Weight loss can be slow, but the first part of losing weight is that your waist gets smaller. The opposite is also true for gaining weight. You're sticking with it, so that's the main thing.

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