The Library

Our diplomas on the wall. We thought it’d be super cute because we both met and graduated from SUNY Cortland. Turns out, it IS super cute! 

His little corner. We bought the two small shelves for that side of the room to house our college textbooks and all of the picture books I worked on at B&N/Sterling. He didn’t think we needed three shelves for that side of the room. We did. 

Looking in. Happy we did blue and red! So calming. 

Most of the books. We almost didn’t fit them all. Me looking kind of gross after cleaning most of the day. 
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3 Responses to The Library

  1. Is there anything funner than organizing your books? No! And it looks great! I spy a Signet classic or two, and maybe an Everyman's. Oh, and all the Martin books! And are those Nancy Drews? I do think you had a few that wouldn't fit though. Is that them on top? New shelf!!!

  2. Nicole says:

    Those are Nancy Drews. I lied, I only have up to 21. The books only JUST fit when we took out all of our Lit/Writing textbooks from college. The books up on top have always had their home up there… they're my crochet/knit/various crafting books.

  3. I love seeing people at home with their books. Thanks for sharing!

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