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New York, Phew York

I saw this first on the illustrator’s, Tim Probert, blog. I always knew his art would lend itself well to a children’s picture book and what could be more fun that a New York City Scratch & Sniff!? The Proberts … Continue reading

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Borders Officially Closing Its Doors

I feel like this has been going on forever and a day, but now it’s official. I’ve never shopped at Borders because 1) I worked for B&N for so long and, 2) I always thought it was kind of dirty. … Continue reading

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Skills USA

Last week, I attended a competition/conference known as Skills USA. If you know nothing about the organization, you should really go to their website and check them out. Skills USA events are annual and begin with state level championships in … Continue reading

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Packing & Unpacking

Hey guys, remember me? I used to blog here? I mean, I still do. And I’m hoping the posting will become more frequent as I settle in to the job, the apartment, the life. All I’ve been reading – or … Continue reading

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Apologies, Updates & Travel Plans

Heeeyyyy, you guys! Looks like I took another hiatus! I’ve just been so busy adjusting to the new life up here in Albany – being with the boy day in and out and conquring my new job. Since all my … Continue reading

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Big BIG News!

I’ve got a new job! And I’m moving! My new title is Associate Acquisitions Editor. My new town is – well. It’s in the Albany, NY area. Not sure yet EXACTLY where I’ll be living, so we’ll just say the … Continue reading

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Bloggers in Manhattan?

I’ll be handing out bumper stickers outside Penn Station (along with a bunch of other people, but still!) If we offer you one – please smile and take it? Thanks!

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